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viale pasteur 67/69
Rome 00144


Illuminami is a retail store, design studio and consulting practice. Created by Barbara Bellacci and Madeline Hopkins, it combines the best of both worlds; Barbara's Italy with its rich traditions and culture, and Madeline's Australia with its innovation and openness to creativity. Illuminami upholds the artisan tradition and celebrates the hand-made object. Vintage and antique pieces are personally sourced from around the world and are primped and preened to suit the design aesthetic of the store. Collaboration and customization are encouraged and seen as an opportunity to constantly see things afresh. 
Madeline and Barbara consult with architects, interior designers and clients in-store.



Illuminami is a design studio, retail store and consulting interior design practice. It is the result of two worlds colliding; Italy and Australia, art and commerce, tradition and rebellion, history and youth. Barbara Bellacci and Madeline Hopkins are the responsible parties for this ongoing dialogue in design.

Continuing and reconfiguring Italy's artisan tradition is the foundation of the business. All products are handmade, and this provides a flexibility and personal touch impossible in industrial production.



 Homemade Handmade

Inspired by friendship and travel, Caravan of Love is a collection of lamps, suspended lights, cushions & objects made from exotic fabrics, trims and experiences gathered along the way. No matter how nomadic or established the lifestyle, love, friendship and beautiful objects are treasured talismans.



Linen, cotton, jute and calico are used as a natural foil against the rigidity and gleam of metal and glass in Industrial Garden. Soft versus hard, rigid versus flexible, raw versus manufactured; this collection is a call back to simplicity and the beauty of materials in their natural state.

Leaves, birds, branches and the occasional yo-yo make an appearance in the more established garden.